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You’ve seen youtubers, celebrities, professional sports teams, and even college students riding them, but what exactly are these personal transporters and where should you get one? Here at mini-segway.net, our goal is to provide you with all the information you will ever need before you make a purchase. We have reviews, comparisons, and even funny videos all designed to help you navigate the hectic portable segway market.

Why Should You Get this Segway Alternative?

They are fun to ride: Just look at the face of youtubers like Neistat or Atwood who ride them, and you’ll see what I mean. The small learning curve means that within a day anyone can learn to ride proficiently, and start enjoying themselves.

Commuting: This is one of the most promising uses for your new mini segway.These transporters can take away the pain of walking to work. Once you get out of the bus/car/train you can hop on and relax as you coast to work. Just plug in the device when you get in your office, and forget about it until it’s time to go home.

Convenient: These extremely portable segways are small enough to be carried on planes, or in backpacks, and if you know you’re day will involve a lot of walking you can just bring these scooters along for the (quite literally) ride.

Environmentally Friendly: It is becoming unsustainable for every person to ride a car to work daily. The fumes are toxic, and the traffic and noise pollution are horrendous. Electric vehicles solve this problem as they do not emit any noxious fumes, and are efficient/compact enough for everyone to use without weakening the environmental infrastructure.

Mini Segway Price and Best Places to Buy

The average price of a mini segway is $350, but I have found them in different styles from $150 to $600 using the sites below.
Due to the variety of styles and brands, the price of one can be drastically different depending on what site you are looking at, so here are a few suggestions.


- You can find the lowest prices here because you are buying direct from manufacturer
- The price can be potentially bargained down for bulk orders and fluent Chinese speakers

- Minimum order requirements will not allow you to only buy 1 unit
- You can easily be scammed because there is no buyer protection.
- Representatives speak very poor English
- Shipping times are slow and hard to track due to the restrictions of shipping from overseas

HIGH RISK! I have heard of people finding great suppliers on Alibaba, but if you can’t afford to lose money testing suppliers, then stay away! Heavy research the seller before buying anything because we are not responsible for your purchase. I once lost over $700 due to an alibaba scooter purchase because I picked a dishonest seller who falsely advertised his product as a mini segway.


- You get buyer protection with free returns and excellent customer service.
- Guaranteed to have some of the cheapest prices
- Wide variety of mini segways to choose from with customer reviews for most of them.

- There will be drastic differences in price, so you will have to search for a better deal.
- Lots of 3rd party sellers re-branding cheap segways

As in most things, Amazon is the winner. It is a familiar buying experience, and if the 3rd party seller tries to rip you off at least Amazon has your back with their A-Z satisfaction program. We highly suggest using them for fast shipping times from within the USA. Alibaba, the alternative option, guarantees long oversees shipping from China, and it is an extensive process trying to communicate with their non-english speaking manufacturers.

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What’s with the big hype for this small segway?

Everybody loved the original segway, and it quickly became a very recognizable personal transporter. Although riding one was awesome, it came with one big flaw and that was its price. Even the cheapest segway was over a thousand dollars, and that made it an unjustifiable purchase for many consumers. Now comes the Mini Segway to steal the thunder with its affordable price and ever lasting fun. It is essentially a portable electric scooter that allows the rider to propel themselves by doing nothing more than leaning forwards or backwards. You can think of it as a full size segway without the handles. It has a 2 motors which work independently of one another to control the wheels. Steering is hands free, extremely intuitive, and accomplished by tilting your body. The design is modern, yet at the same time unassuming with the main variation between different brands/models being the patterns on the wheel rims. Finally, LED lights are included on the front which are probably meant for nighttime visibility, but contribute mainly to making this segway scooter look cool, which is definitely a plus in our book.

Rising Popularity

Some notable mini segway riders are Whiz Khalifa, Casey Neistat, and Roman Atwood. Khalifa was reproached for riding his through the airport, and his tweet complaining served to attract more attention to an already growing phenomenon. Popular daily vlog youtubers Casey Neistat and Roman Atwood have featured their miniature segways in their channels along with a variety of other electric personal commuting vehicles. This category has become colloquially known as “rideables,” or “last mile” vehicles due to their use in the last mile of a commute. In fact, rideable are becoming their own product category. With the influence of new tech funding platforms such as Kickstarter.com and Indiegogo.com independently invented electric vehicles are gaining access to a wide audience.

A Brief History of the Personal Transporter Market

These small segways first cropped up with a product called PhunkeeDuck (yes that’s the real name) which was marketed as an upscale short distance transportation option for the wealthy. With a pricetag of over 1k the PhunkeeDuck had limited distribution, but viral videos spread the word and demand for these fun rideables grew. The viral popularity of these segway alternatives spawned huge demand as consumers searched for a cheaper option. Thankfully the market listened to demand, and prices dropped….by over 75%. This seemingly overnight turnaround was due to Chinese manufactures increasing production, and pumping out thousands of these transport scooters. The main benefit was that these unbranded rideables were produced at the same manufacturing facilities as electric scooters from PhunkeeDuck/Monorover etc. so quality was equal or comparable, but at far lower prices averaging 200-500 USD vs 1,000+.

Future Thoughts

With the technology in electric vehicles advancing at such a rapid pace, Mini Segways are spreading and serving as catalysts for new, innovative, and environmentally friendly forms of self transportation. We have seen a surge of interest in electric commuting vehicles, and the trend seems to keep on going. Whatever happens next with this new technology, you can be sure we will inform you. Happy riding my friends, and check back often for more rideable news. Now that the rideables craze has passed, maybe you should consider a more reasonable investment for your money like a high quality lawn mower. If you want more information on lawn mowers be sure to check out the best lawn mowers of 2016 for an updated 2016 buying guide. Have fun Mowing/segwaying/or whatever else you plan on doing.

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